Our team

Inès is a french tutor trained in the French to go approach who loves to share her first language. Kind and open-minded, this bilingual young woman loves working with others and sharing the common interest of learning, in this case, French. Her passions are volleyball and dance. She gives the best of her in what she does, and it shows: Ines is committed to the young people she teaches.

"I am privileged to be a part of this incredible company and to have met many fabulous people. I look forward to continuing this adventure and meeting even more of you with French to go."

Valérie, founder of French to go and canadian coordinator of Famille du Monde, is certified in Teaching French as a Foreign Language, French Pronunciation, Neurolinguistic Teaching, Neurolinguistic Curriculum Conception and Pedagogical Activity Creation. Valérie is also certified as a cultural facilitator, youth worker, and international cooperator. She has been working actively in these fields for more than 15 years. This unique skillset blends together to offer successful French Lessons in a short period of time.

''French to go is much more than a language course; it's a francophone community for young and older, beginners and advanced, where we build relationships through authentic French conversations. We look forward to welcoming you to our warm-hearted French family!'

Daphné has been working as a French tutor for French to go since September 2022. She is originally from Quebec and has lived in British Columbia for three years. Bilingual and trained in the French to go approach, Daphne is a kind, funny, laid-back French tutor who knows how to connect with young people and help them learn. 

''I love working with children, and having the opportunity to do so in French here in British Columbia is wonderful! I look forward to meeting you!''