Our approach

We specialize in a fun, interactive, engaging, and meaningful French Program that aims to be more than French Lessons… We want to bring real French moments into your daily life - as real as enjoying a cup of coffee or playing a board game with a good friend.


Why would you start by studying French grammar and memorizing vocabulary before actually engaging in real conversation? Speak French for Real with us from day 1!

Follow our progressive curriculum. Learn French by speaking in casual, authentic, guided conversation centered on your daily life. Make it stick with short repetive lessons. 

Our methodology is a unique combination of skills acquired in the field. We have a great understanding of our learners needs and we are serious about succeeding at teaching a second language when there is no opportunity to be immersed in it.

An image is worth a thousand words… A French to go course is worth a thousand French exercises.

“My French improved more in 4 weeks with French to go than in the 2 years I was doing Duolingo by myself” — Arica, Systems Engineer and Educator.