Programs for Elementary Teachers teaching Core French


3 Live Lessons per week*


Daily customized activities to extend your lesson

*Can't attend every lessons ? Subsitute your live lesson for a self paced lesson

CLASSIC COURSE: 7 WEEKS (18 minutes lessons)

INTENSIVE COURSE: 3 WEEKS (43 minutes lessons)

According to research and our experience,  repetitive lessons over a short period of time are more effective to develop long lasting skills.

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Our approach is a win-win based on Neuro-Linguistics. Improve your French Skills and acquire Teaching Techniques transferable to your classroom. 

“I worked in a French School for years on the Sunshine Coast. I know there are not a lot of opportunities to speak French Casually in BC. That’s why in 2023, I am offering to FSL Teachers an opportunity to casually speak French on a weekly basis to maintain and improve their French skills. With a pronunciation specialization, I can drastically improve your French Accent in a few hours” — Valérie, founder of French to go.